Unigen 1.8" SATA III




► 1.8" SATA III Form Factor

    ▷ L: 78.00 +/‐ 0.15mm

    ▷ W: 54.00 +/‐ 0.15mm

    ▷ H: 5.00 +/‐ 0.10mm

► Capacities: 16GB to 1TB

► Interface: SATA III; ATA/ATAPI –8 Compliant

► SMART support: Yes

►  Flash: 15nm MLC  /  24nm SLC  / pSLC NAND

► Durability: Highly intelligent block management and wear leveling optimizes SSD longevity

Bandwidth Performance Specifications (FOB)

► Maximum Sequential Read/Write: Up to 525/190MB/s (@ 128KB blocks)

► Random Read/Write: Up to 32K/41K IOPS (@ 4KB blocks; QD=32)

Power Specifications

► Active write: 770 mW

► Idle: 370 mW

► Slumber: 17.0 mW

► Devslp: 4.7 mW

► Input Voltage: 5V


► Mean Time Between Failures  (MTBF):
       > 1,500,000 Hours

► LDPC up to 93 bits correctable per 2KB

► UBER: < in 10‐15 bits read (client)
               < in 10‐16 bits read (Enterprise)

► DWPD: < 1


The Unigen 1.8” SSDs are standard 1.8” form factor solid state drives that provide low power and high read performance in a small form factor. They are ideal for boot applications in industrial servers, workstation platforms, fan less laptop PCs, rugged mobile devices, as well as thin and light mini/sub‐systems. They reduce access times, and act as a durable alternative to conventional hard disc drives.

The Unigen 1.8” SSDs are featured with power management schemes to reduce power consumption down to 0.77 Watts in active mode and as low as 0.37 Watts in idle mode.

Its dimensions result in an effective volume that is much less than an enclosed 1.8” solid state drive.

With SATA 6Gbps performance, the Unigen 1.8” SSDs provide the  bandwidth to deliver effective sequential read/write performance up to 510/190 MB/s, and random read/write IOPS up to 32K/41K, enabling mobile, embedded and small form factor systems to break through the bandwidth limitations imposed by 3Gb/s SATA and other often used solutions like USB drives, CompactFlash™ cards or hard disc drives.  

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