Unigen 2.5" U.2 7.00mm

SSD PCIe (Gen 3x4 NVMe) Family 2.5" U.2 7.00mm


► Full Form Factor

► Full Capacities

► Performance to diverse application

► Support UEFI/Legacy BIOS with OptionROM to be used as bootable storage.

Unigen PCIe NVMe solutions feature a performance throughput of *2500MB/s Read and *2000MB/s Write; ultra high read IOPS up to 300K.

Unigen PCIe NVMe SSD family deliver outstanding performance, low latency and Quality of Service.

NVMe is a standardized interface that enables higher performance and lower latency than previous generations.


2.5” 7.0mm U.2 PCIe SSDs are Hot‐pluggable with densities up to 2TB and are available with ultra‐optimized performance for enterprise grade server, workstation,and desktop PCs.

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