Testing - our 'Gold Test' standard

Unigen conducts on all its products, starting with our 'Gold Test' standard for Production.

Production Testing

Unigen memory sub-systems are tested 100% in production by utilizing a number of testers and its proprietary test hardware and software. Multiple test algorithms are involving a number of test patterns are used to screen out components with weak bits, or sensitivity to operating environments.


Reliability Testing

Unigen products undergo thorough reliability tests which include hot and cold cycles, and temperature and humidity. Unigen's Reliability Test features the following: Life Test - 500 hours @ 85C Temperature Humidity, Bias - 1000 hours, 85C/85% Relative Humidity Temperature Cycling - 1500 cycles 0-100C

Quality Assurance and Reliability Monitoring

Unigen's commit to our customers to provide quality products by continuously monitors product and process quality via NPI process from feasibility, EVT, DVT, PVT, to production release, followed with SPC, yield improvement actions, ORT-On Going Reliability Test. Quality issues related to any product and process are flagged and root cause analysis performed, corrective and preventive actions taken and meticulous records maintained.

Qualification Tests

All products at Unigen undergo qualification tests to ensure conformance to specifications, Signal Integrity, and Compatibility Testing, described below.

Validation and Testing Services

Since September 2011, Unigen has validated 10,000+ memory products with full test reports for partnering OEMs. These products were subsequently added to the respective OEMs' approved vendor list (AVL) without test escapes. Our state-of-art facility with memory qualification process has been audited by all DRAM vendors and key system vendors including Intel. 2 of 4 patents filed in 2012 were granted in 2014 and 2015 for cloud testing of memory and flash related products.

Programming Services

Supports wide range of PLD, EPROM, Micro's, and Flash devices from major suppliers with direct supply chain management relationships. Strong Engineering and Customer Support Processes with web-based First Article Request process Secured storage and revision control of image data for OEM IP protection