Unigen HHHL(Half-Height, Half-Length) PCle

SSD PCIe (Gen 3x4 NVMe) Family HHHL (Hafl-Height, Hafl-Length)


► Full Form Factor

► Full Capacities

► Performance to diverse application

► Support UEFI/Legacy BIOS with OptionROM to be used as bootable storage.

Unigen PCIe NVMe solutions feature a performance throughput of *2500MB/s Read and *2000MB/s Write; ultra high read IOPS up to 300K.

Unigen PCIe NVMe SSD family deliver outstanding performance, low latency and Quality of Service.

NVMe is a standardized interface that enables higher performance and lower latency than previous generations.


HHHL (Half‐Height, Half‐Length) PCIe add‐in‐card with densities up to 2TB are available as a system cache memory with ultra‐random performance. These are a great fit for enterprise‐JBOD, data center servers and cloud computing applications.

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