Unigen SD Card

SD SD Card


► Compliance:

    ▷ SD specification version 2.0 and 3.0 (UHS‐I), and eSD 2.1

► Operating voltage range

    ▷ 2.7‐3.6 V

► Variable clock Frequency

    ▷ 0‐25MHz ‐ Default Speed Timing

    ▷ 0‐50MHz ‐ High Speed Timing

► Support

    ▷ CPRM and ASSD 2.0 or Mc‐EX can be supported

    ▷ SD (x1 and x4) and SPI mode

    ▷ Write protection using mechanical switch

► CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media)

► Support SD command class:

    ▷ All SD Speed Classes Possible

► Performance:

    ▷ Read (max): 23 MB/s

    ▷ Write (max): 20 MB/s

► Available Storage Capacities:

    ▷ 2GB ‐‐ 64GB

► High reliability and long life 

    ▷ Internal ECC (Error Correcting Code) results in high data reliability

    ▷ Advanced wear leveling algorithm

    ▷ AES encryption engine 128 and 

       256‐Bit, ECB, CBC, and XTS modes supported

►  Temperature Range: ‐0℃ to +70℃ (C‐Temp) 

► High reliability and long life 


SD Memory card (Secure Digital Memory Card) is a memory card that is specifically designed to meet the security, capacity, performance and environment requirements. The SD Memory Card will include a copyright protection mechanism that complies with the security of the SDMI standard and will be faster and capable for higher memory capacity. The SD Memory Card communication is based on an advanced 9-pin interface (Clock, Command, 4x Data and 3x Power lines) designed to operate in at maximum operating frequency of 50 MHz and low voltage range.

Unigen's SD memory card is designed with industry leading edge micro controllers and SLC flash to achieve high level performance, reliability and endurance. The SD memory card is optimized for OEM applications where device life is the top priority.

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